Anton ET Calculus, 8e Active Figures
Below is a list of the applets linked to figures in the Anton ET Calculus text.
Trigonometric Families for Sine and Cosine
Tangent Line Exploration
Secant Line Limit Yields Tangent Line
Example 1 in Section 2.1
Limit Definition of Derivative linked to the Limit Definition of the Tangent Line
Using the Tangent Line to Estimate the Derivative Values
Drawing Tangent Lines and using them to Estimate Derivative Values
Learning some related rates from baseball
Finding the Minimum Surface Area of a Can with Fixed Volume
The Rectangle Method of Finding Area
Numerical Approximations of Area
Example 8 (Numerical Approximations of Area)
Example 4 (Volumes by Slicing - Disks and Washers)
Volumes by Cylindrical Shells
Trapezoidal Approximation & Simpson's Rule
Example 2  Maclaurin Polynomials for f (x) = ex
Families of Rose Curves
Traces of A Surface
A Curve on a Sphere
Making a Contour Plot
Level Surfaces of a Function of Three Variables
Illustrating the Directional Derivative and the Gradient
A Tangent Plane and a Normal Line
A Constrained Optimization Problem - LaGrange Multipliers

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