A great resource for all sorts of web sites on sustainability, habitat and biodiversity loss, global change, and other ecology and environment issues

Satellite imagery of the Earth showing the rapid changes that are occurring. Provided by the United States Geological Service (USGS). There are time-series images with explanatory text of urban sprawl in the USA and worldwide effects of agriculture and desertification, deforestation, pollution, and water resources.

Renewable Energy Policy Project
The Internet source for sustainability and sustainable energy. Lots of sustainable solutions for home lighting, energy production, solar energy, are provided here. Provided by the Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology (CREST), a private foundation.

Global Environment Outlook
See the Regional Trends selection at this United Nations Environment Programme web site.

United Nations System of Organizations
A comprehensive list of links to international information from the UN.

United States Federal Agencies Directory
A comprehensive listing of federal agencies.

The EcoGateway
A huge site containing thousands of links dealing with sustainability and environmental protection. Includes communities, agencies, academic programs, organizations, businesses, professional associations, and equipment providers. Also has full text articles from EcolQMagazine.

Eco-Portal: The EnvironmentalSustainability.Info Source
This site contains current news about sustainability as well as thousands of links to sustainability websites, press releases, and technical literature.

International Network for Sustainable Energy (INFORSE)
INFORSE is a worldwide NGO (non-governmental organization) network formed at the Global Forum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 1992. The mission is to promote sustainable energy and social development. The Web site provides links to other sites and on-line access to the publication Sustainable Energy News.

United Nations Development Programme
Information on sustainable human development and links to the UN Environment Programme and other UN sites.

Global Environmental Outlook - 3
Check out the new report on global environmental trends (GEO-3) over the last thirty years and four alternative scenarios for the future. The site also includes a data portal, a data compendium, regional highlights,and fact sheets.

Population Reference Bureau
Information on U.S. and international population statistics and trends.

United Nations Population Information Network
Contains information on world demographic trends.

The World Bank
The World Bank is an international development organization that is owned by its more than 180 member countries - both rich and poor. Its role is to reduce poverty by lending money to the governments of its poorer members - often called "developing" countries - and to those countries whose economies are in transition. The Web site provides access to World Bank publications and data for educators, students, business people, journalists, and the general public about developing countries and countries in transition.

The World Resources Institute (WRI)
WRI's mission is to move human society to live in ways that protect Earth's environment and its capacity to provide for the needs and aspirations of current and future generations. WRI provides information and proposals for policy and institutional change for environmentally sound, socially equitable development. The Web site contains publications, news articles, links to other Web sites, and support services for educators.

Population Connection
Formerly known as Zero Population Growth, the organization is concerned with impacts of rapid population growth and wasteful consumption. Contains links to programs, literature, fact sheets, news, and lists of population-related Web sites.