Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary
Information and resources available on marine life in the Channel Islands, California.

The Ecosystem Home Page
An environmental information service with full text upgrades organized by topic from the news service of The Environment Digest

The National Marine Mammal Laboratory's Education Web Site
Sponsored by the National Marine Fisheries Service, this site provides a wealth of information about the different kinds of marine mammals, their ecology, behavior, physiology and classification. Information is also available on careers dealing with marine mammals.

WWF Global
Formally the World Wide Fund for Nature International. A conservation organization with information available on climate change, oceans, forests, sustainability, various species. The site has an expert database and fact sheets on a variety of topics.

The Ecological Society of America
This is the foremost professional ecological science organization in the USA. Members are typically scientists from academia, government, and private industry. On their home page is information about membership and upcoming ESA meetings, links to other ESA pages on ecological issues, ecosystem management, updates on the endangered species act, environmental policy issues, and ecological success stories. Each success story will highlight how ecology and ecologists have had a direct impact on human health, the economy, or quality of life.

The Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study
Learn about the Hubbard Brook Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) site. The Hubbard Brook LTER site, established in 1955 in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, is part of a system of 24 LTER sites across the country sponsored by the National Science Foundation. This web site provides access to research studies data, and educational resources for teachers and students interested in the ecology of northeastern forests.

The Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) homepage
Provides links to all 24 of the LTER sites in the USA.

The South Florida Information Access Website (SOFIA)
The South Florida Ecosystem Project sponsored by the USGS is described at this site.

Institute of Ecosystems Studies (IES)
Located in Millbrook, NY this ecological research institution is devoted to the development and distribution of knowledge about the structure and function of ecosystems. The web site provides access to research summaries on a wide variety of topics and educational opportunities for students and members of the general public.

The Yellowstone Ecosystem
A short article from a larger text dealing with western USA ecosystems. This site provides an overview of the Yellowstone Ecosystem, its major animal species, management, and history.

Elephants of Cameroon
The role of elephants as a keystone species on African grasslands is described at this web site. Educational activities are also available at this site.