Center for Conservation Biology Network
Access to the Virtual Library of Ecology and Biodiversity that contains information on endangered and extinct species, biodiversity issues and legislation, exotic introductions, and habitats.

Nature Conservation Council of New South Wales, Australia
A community-based network of 130 environmental organizations acting to encourage community involvement in biodiversity conservation. Information and resources on biodiversity.

The Biodiversity Programs of the National Museum of Natural History (NMNH)
The Smithsonian Institution's contribution to understanding the natural world and our place in it. Summaries of studies related to biological diversity, systematics, evolution and ecology, and research initiatives are available on this site.

The Wild Screen Trust
Contains information on biodiversity, endangered species, and habitats. There is also an electronic archive of images and sounds of endangered species and habitats.

National Park Service (NPS)
The NPS policy statement and management strategy on exotic plant species is presented at this web site.

The U.N. Convention on Biological Diversity
An overview and short history on this international agreement with multiple links to technical groups and related documents is presented at this site.

Biodiversity prospecting
Questions and answers about bioprospecting are provided at this site sponsored by the World Resources Institute.

Neotropical Bird Club
Based in the U.K., this organization tries to develop interest in, and awareness of, neotropical birds and to highlight their conservation needs

The Society for Ecological Restoration (SER)
The SER provides a primer on ecological restoration and related information at this site.

Global ReLeaf
This is a program of American Forests dedicated to the planting and care of trees in urban and rural settings. Its goal is to plant 20 million trees as a form of environmental restoration.