Ecosystem Network Analysis
At this site you can view the computer network model of the food web found in Chesapeake Bay. The model can be downloaded and run on a personal computer.

Ecological Network Analysis of The St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge Seagrass Food Web
A web page about this food web research project conducted in Florida by Joe Luczkovich and Bob Christian at East Carolina University, with assistance from Dan Baird (University of Port Elizabeth, South Africa) and funded by the National Biological Survey.

San Francisco Bay and Delta Ecosystem Program website
This site is part of the USGS research program. Click on the Biology selection for information on primary production in the Bay.

Net Primary Production Database
This is a web site sponsored by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Site maps, sampling methods, data summaries, and program descriptions related to productivity studies are provided.

Human appropriation of the products of photosynthesis
This website consists of an often cited paper by Peter Vitousek and other authors on the influence of humans on global primary production.

The Earth Council
An international non-governmental organization (NGO) created in September 1992 to promote and advance the implementation of the Earth Summit agreements. The site contains an on-line database, earth summit documents, and other sustainable development links.

National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS)
The NMFS is part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). NMFS administers NOAA's programs that support the domestic and international conservation and management of living marine resources.

Sea-viewing Wide Field-of View Sensor Project (SeaWiFS)
This site provides quantitative data on global ocean bio-optical properties. The SeaWiFS Project is developing and operating a research data system that processes and distributes data received from an Earth-orbiting ocean color sensor. The concentration of phytoplankton can be derived from satellite observation and quantification of ocean color. Technical reports, teacher's guide, and images are available on the web site.

Hydrothermal Vents on the Ocean Floor
This site provides a wealth of information on these deep sea geological features. One can find information on the biological community, chemosynthesis, vent geochemistry, and speculations about the origins of life. There is also access to current research and links to many related web sites.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)
Animation and video of the creatures living in the hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor where the food chain is based on chemosynthesis can be viewed at this site.