Consequences, The Nature & Implications of Environmental Change
This peer-reviewed journal about environmental change has the online version of the article by Scott Robinson on declines in some songbird species. Robinson, Scott K. 1997. The Case of the Missing Songbirds. Consequences 3 (1): 2 - 15.

The Breeding Bird Survey
This is a website for the Breeding Bird Survey, which is a continent-wide census of breeding birds that was begun in 1966. At this website, you may find interesting facts and create graphs of the decline in some songbird species, and the increases in others. You can interactively review the results of this Breeding Bird Survey by state, by species of bird, and by larger region. If you are a birdwatcher, you will find this site fascinating, and you may participate in the survey.

Envirolink's Endangered Species Page
View distribution maps of endangered species, the status of Endangered Species Act reauthorization, pictures of endangered species and more.

Gap Analysis page
Biodiversity Studies from the University of Idaho. Gap Analysis is a program of study in the management of biological diversity. Contains data, information, and links to other sites with information on wildlife management.

United States Fish and Wildlife Service
The chief US agency charged with monitoring the Endangered Species Act. Contains information on all USFWS activities including the Endangered Species Program.

The 2002 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species
Check out the most current list of endangered species from around the world. Check by country, species, family, order, or class.

World Wildlife Fund
An environmental watchdog organization that monitors the status of endangered species.

The Nature Conservancy
The premier environmental action fund in the world. They put their money where it can do the best for endangered species -- they buy the land and keep it from being developed by humans. Run by professional ecologists.

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)
The WCS is a nonprofit organization working to save wildlife and wild lands throughout the world. Among other efforts, WCS provides environmental education programs. The web site contains access to news and scientific publications.

Marine Mammal Center
Find out more about efforts to protect marine mammals.

National Marine Fisheries Service
Find information on the conservation and management of our marine resources.