Fossil Energy
An electronic "gateway" to the Department of Energy's Office of Fossil Energy. There is information about U.S. fossil fuel energy programs and projects with related reports. There are also links here about the Strategic Oil Reserve, which is a plan to stockpile oil in case we need it during wartime.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Fossil Energy Program
This research laboratory is attempting to find new ways to use fossil fuels while minimizing environmental pollution. For example, sulfur dioxide in coal can be removed before combusting, fed to bacteria and saleable elemental sulfur can be produced.

Environmental Defense Fund's 20 Simple steps to reduce global warming
This page gives the figures on carbon dioxide savings that can be achieved by some simple energy saving tips. Since most electricity comes from coal-burning electric plants, using less electricity every day means less greenhouse gas emissions.

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Abandoned Mine Reclamation Home Page
What are the environmental effects of mine fires, subsidence, and acid mine drainage? This web site describes Pennsylvania's abandoned coal mine problem and what's being done about it. So far, Pennsylvania has put only a small dent in it's $15 billion abandoned mine lands (AML) problem. With current funding levels from all sources, DEP estimates that it will take more than 50 years to eliminate just the high-priority AML hazards in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
This site gives a brief history of the Centralia, PA mine fire. The United States Office of Surface Mining (OSM) has acquired 545 properties that were in jeopardy sitting atop the longest-burning underground mine fire in the world (34 years). An OSM study estimated that $663 million would be required to extinguish the fire. A vital transportation link, Route 61, suffered severe subsidence damage from the fire and today it is closed indefinitely. DER attempted to stabilize the roadway at a cost of approximately $0.5 million. U.S. Congress appropriated $42 million for voluntary acquisition and relocation of impacted businesses and residences due to dangers caused by fire (i.e. subsidence & noxious gases). 1993-Present. Fire continues to spread.

British Petroleum Company
Contains statistics about past, present, and future world fuel consumption, resources, and other information related to energy.

U. S. Geological Survey
Contains statistics of present and predicted U.S. fossil fuel resources.

Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission
An excellent source for other internet resources on fossil fuel information.

National Petroleum Council
View summaries of reports from the group charged with advising the DOE on petroleum issues and matters.

Oil Online
Serving the oil industry, this site has an abundance of information on the U.S. oil industry.