Nuclear power plants and other large nuclear facilities in the United States
This anti-nuclear site provides a comprehensive list of nuclear power plants and related facilities in the United States. The site provides technical details, official contact points, local activist groups, and links to news articles and reports for each site. Links to many other nuclear industry and agency sites are also available.

Questions and Answers about Nuclear Energy
This site is sponsored by the University of Missouri-Rolla American Nuclear Society. Information about importance, costs, radiation, safety, risks and benefits, nuclear waste, and food irradiation is available.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nuclear Power in Canada - (unofficial)
Mostly about the CANDU (a registered trademark) stands for "Canada Deuterium Uranium". It is a pressurized-heavy-water, natural-uranium power reactor designed first in the 1960's by a consortium of Canadian government and private industry.

Frequently asked questions about nuclear energy
A personal home page by John McCarthy, who is admittedly "...not a doomster." He is a computer scientist at Stanford University.

The Virtual Nuclear Tourist
Joseph Gonyeau's personal web page, with links to 200+ pages he has compiled about nuclear energy, nuclear accidents, and radiation safety.

The Department of Energy's website for electronic information about nuclear power and nuclear wastes
Check out the document entitled: "Spent Nuclear Fuel Discharges from U.S. Reactors 1994". This publication provides current statistical data on fuel assemblies irradiated at commercial nuclear reactors operating in the United States. This year's report provides data on the current inventories and storage capacities at these reactors.
A good graphical depiction of energy use in the USA is shown here.

United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission
An official US Government site about nuclear power and its regulation. Go to the "watch list" link. Here the Nuclear Regulatory Commission evaluates the performance of the operating nuclear power plants in the United States and identifies those which require additional regulatory oversight because of declining performance. Once placed on the "watch list" a plant must demonstrate consistent improved performance before it is removed from the list. Also available at this site is information about nuclear waste generation and disposal, and other information about nuclear power's past, present, and future.

Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI)
This is the nuclear power industry-sponsored web site that includes general information (although slantedly pro-nuclear) about nuclear power in the U.S. and abroad. This is a very well made and informative site.

How Nuclear Power Works
Short descriptions with animated figures of nuclear fission and the workings of a nuclear power plant. Related topics on radiation, nuclear medicine, and radioactive carbon dating can also be found at this site.

Fact Sheet: Nuclear Power Plant Emergency
This fact sheet is published by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. It deals with guidelines and procedures to follow in the event of a nuclear power plant accident in your community.

U. S. Department of Energy Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management (OCRWM)
The OCRWM is responsible for planning, constructing, and operating a system to dispose of radioactive waste generated in the U.S. Read facts about storage and disposal of spent fuel and see what is happening at the proposed Yucca Mountain long term disposal site.

International Atomic Energy Agency
This site contains information about nuclear power worldwide, including statistics, public opinion, history, and technology.

American Nuclear Society
From this nonprofit group advancing the study of nuclear research and engineering, find out about nuclear power related research and engineering, research, reports and documents and check out links to many web resources.