One-Dimensional Constant Acceleration
Constant velocity versus constant acceleration
Projectile Motion
Universal Gravitation
Circular Motion
Work and Energy
Conservation of Energy in a Spring-Mass System
Pendulum motion
Stopping Distance of a Car
Conservation of Linear Momentum
Collisions in One Dimension
Ballistic Pendulum
Comparison of Translational and Rotational Motion
Simple Harmonic Motion
Motion of a charge in Electric and Magnetic Fields
Newton's Second Law
Static Friction
Kinetic Friction
Atwood's machine
Rotational equilibrium
Newton's Second Law for Rotation
Travelling Waves
Constructive and Destructive Interference
Standing waves
Ideal Gas Law
Electric field from a point charge
Gauss' Law
Field in a Parallel-Plate Capacitor
Series and Parallel Circuits
Light bulb circuit with a switch
Multi-loop circuit
RC Circuit
Magnetic field from a long straight wire
Magnetic field from a current loop
Magnetic field from a solenoid
AC Circuit with only one circuit element
RLC Circuit
Mirrors and lenses
Refraction and total internal reflection
Vector Addition using Components
Relative Velocities
Newton's First Law and Frames of Reference
Ripple Tank Interference
Electromagnetic induction
Interference of Light
Photoelectric Effect
Bohr Atom