Mathematics Methods for Elementary and Middle School Teachers, 6th Edition
by Mary M. Hatfield, Nancy Tanner Edwards, Gary G. Bitter, Jean Morrow

Video Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Teacher’s Reflection on Mathematics Teaching

Chapter 2
Math in the Bilingual Classroom

Chapter 3
A Lesson Study on “Candy Sales”

Chapter 4
The “Order of Operations” Song

Chapter 5

Chapter 6
Numeral-Set Activities
Using Ten-Frames

Chapter 7
Dinosaur Legs
Cluster Problems

Chapter 8
Numeration Games
Whale Math

Chapter 9
Regrouping with Addition and Base 10 Blocks
Operations with Whole Numbers and Understanding Multiplication

Chapter 10
Rectangles and Fractions

Chapter 12
Shape Sort
Making Tangrams

Chapter 13
Pizza Perimeters

Chapter 15
Graphing Probability